Thursday, December 27, 2012

Weverb12 #16 replicate [CREATE]

What were you inspired to create/make this year based on something else? (i.e. a pin from pinterest, recipe from a friend, etc.)

As always, when it comes to creating, for me it's food. I did not, actually, create anything very exciting this year. In 2011 I created a piña colada cake that I'm very proud of, and some other things too. This year my cooking has just been low key, so what I created would probably be MinCat's foolproof south Indian tasting, nutritionally balanced thingy.

It sprung from a trend that's been growing ever stronger this year--a craving for south Indian flavours. My main problem with making south Indian food is that it's heavily rice based, and also involves making three things at a time, which takes up so much time and so many vessels! And then I didn't have gas for four months, so I really couldn't cook full on meals. One day I was going to make one of my standard one-dish europeanish meals of lentil stew, when the craving overpowered me and I tipped two tablespoons of Puliogare mix into the cooker with the lentils and veggies. And holy mother of god! I HAD REACHED NIRVANA! Then I ate only that for a few weeks, before settling back into normal food again.

It's funny, this south Indian nationalism trend I've been having this year. I just like hanging out with Tamilians more--I connect faster with them. I want to eat dosai and idli every day. I'm always thinking of ways to make chutney. I don't want to cook anything north Indian anymore, not even MATAR PANEER! I occasionally make pasta or Spanish omelets, sometimes shakshuka, but that's it. It's all south Indian food. I wonder why.


  1. I hear you on the south indian cravings, and how overpowering they can be. I find myself overcome, time and again, and giving into weeks of repeated concoctions of sambar powder, veggies and lentils and rice.. various porportions, various mixes, various veggies..and still all good.
    Add to it, rice, ghee, and top it up with some thair sadam and omg, i can senditsideways and die a happy death and go straight to heaven..
    but this puliogare in rice and veggies in cooker business -- tell me more?

  2. hehehe ok i have 2 basic recipes, both are rice free, but you can subsitute some dal for rice or dalia.

    i take 1 carrot, a handful of beans, 2 onions. chop and fry onion, then add the chopped veggies (you pick. can try mullanig and kartika also, hindi maybe--anything youd put in bisibele or sambar) and then put 3-4 tbs of puliogare mix (MTR) or pulikachal. if you like kaaram then put more haan. alternatively, just put sambar podi and tamarind water. cook little bit. you can smell the cooked smell. then put one cup of raw dal (i use green gram or masoor with the skin, but use whatever) or half rice and half dal, or hald dalia half dal, whatever. add water to cook it like you would in the cooker by itself, put on cooker and cook as if you were cooking the dal itself. voila. one dish 30 min meal.

  3. sounds so good just reading about it.. must try it soon, on a day the husband ditches lunch :P so i can make a small batch and have it all to myself!

  4. ya manit's AMAZING. people always lookk at me funny when i talk aobut it and then lick the paatram. hee. just spring it on him unnanounced. see what happens then

  5. I can vouch for the chutney! Still drooling over it. heh. Umma. Didn't realize you've posted so much. Major catching up happening now. huuuuug.