Monday, November 13, 2006

Strange things in the City

wandering the streets of Gotham, lil small town chick like me there are so many things that catch my eye.

  • on friday, walking down 34th street, i saw an unusual couple, even in these "enlightened days": a black black man and a white white girl. holding hands and snuggling into each other as they strode down the street [noone walks, they stride. and yours truly ambles]. they had a friend with them, a white boy. and suddenly, as they walked up to cross Broadway the girl reached out to the white boy and grabbed his hand and suddenly there THEY were snuggling and holding hands. parallel to black black man.
  • in one of my classes, the men have better done eyebrows than the women. only the black women have their eyebrows done.
  • theres two kinds of ponytails, the coloured woman's ponytail, which is scraped back as HARD as possible so that the "pelo malo" looks straight, and the white girl's ponytail, with wisps hanging untidily all over the place. funnily its self identification that decided which. one classmate is bone white but her hair is always in a coloured girl's ponytail. another is as white and lays claim to her "African heritage" but she's always in the white girl's ponytail.
  • the american version of "bloody" is "fucking". huh.
ah the joys of making horrible remakrs like those above

9 o'clock on a Monday

the tea is drunk and one hour has been spent on the computer. i haven't managed to read the headlines yet. however much communication between friends has happened...

... and thus begins the new chapter.