Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Hello 2011

What am I going to tell you 2010 MinCat?

The most amazing thing will happen to you - your niece. She will bring so much joy and delight into your life. She will completely turn your plans upside down. She will make you get off your ample arse and work to a goal. She will make you cry on a plane for the very first time in your life.

You will travel a LOT. To really cool places: Arunachal PRadesh and Assam (2011 MinCat, go back there!), Binsar, Kanha, and Mudumalai, and Tadoba. To really fun places: Berkeley, Washington DC, New York, Dallas, Bar Harbor. Keep going my love.

Absolutely nothing will be stable at all. You will quit your job, and find another one ind exasperation, that will drive you to exasperation as well. You won't be going to Spain. I'm sorry. It will make you feel like shit, but it will really help you in your relationship with your parents.

You'll cross the 1 year mark with BBot! It will be hard and you'll nearly break up twice at least. There will be one major fight a month, more or less, and a lot of tears. There will also be the feeling of being so special, so vital, so wonderful. There will be much support and even more love, there will be many evenings of crazy fun.

You will find that gang you've been hunting for your entire life. Yeah, and it will be awesome! These are people who go with you wherever you want, talk to you, laugh with you, eat your food and fill your life with happiness. You will also leave them behind.

You will walk away from all that security and love, and you will move to Delhi to another kind of security and love. You will live with Misha, and your house will be beautiful and even close to that house, you know the one you're going to have someday.

You will flounder and thrash and cry because nothing is working. I wish I could tell you it will pass, but I don't know yet. (Any feedback 2012 MinCat?)

What does 2010 MinCat say to 2011 MinCat?
Face up to it, you want to lose weight, you want to get married, and you want kids. And you are the only one who can make it all happen. No, life is not going to just work out. You need to focus. So do it. And marvel at what can happen once you do.
P.S. I found you a theme song.