Friday, January 06, 2012

The New Year Post

Let's sum up 2011, shall we?


Yup, I think that covers it.

What? You want details?

Well, I broke up with BBot. The Dragon dumped me. I found the perfect job. I cried myself to sleep for a few months. My parents were a rock. I was desperately lonely. I dated a LOT. I dated a psycho. I learnt a LOT about myself. I hid from the blog for a while, but I made it back.

And now I have friends in Delhi, who call me drunkenly on at 2am New Year's Day to yell WE MISS YOU GET ON A PLANE NOW. And I miss them too, after ten days in Hyderabad (though the two days in Chennai probably helped a LOT).

I think I finally know what I want to do with my life; I have finally made some peace with wanting to have kids; I am surer than I have ever been about the kind of person I want to be with, whether I'm willing to settle, and, most importantly, that I am just fine on my own. I even managed to hang out with BBot twice on this trip.

Gotta say 2011, you ended okay. But fuck you were SUCH a boy. *shudder*

Be nice to me 2012, I kinda need it.


  1. Oh well, my theory is one good year, one bad year, so this will be your good year.

  2. ahh i hope so. though 2010 was also lots of le suck. professionally more than anything, but still. however, i have it on good authority that saturn is in the 9th house. so yay.

  3. Ah, that's the word I was looking for about 2011 - poo. Not sucked, as I so eloquently put on my blog. 2012 cannot be worse - also according to the one year good one year so so and the randombad year Act of 1975, 2012 will smell of tulips. Good luck!

  4. welcome 30in2005! i shall be 30in2012 so it better fucking not suck ;) thankee =)