Tuesday, March 19, 2013


**Disclaimer: I am not mad at you or ranting about you Kutti. This is just a rant of peeves.**

Following merrily in the able steps of The Bride and haathi, I am going to rant a bit about all the things that happen in my daily life that annoy the CRAP out of me.

  1. Answer your email goddamit! YES YOU! Yes you're super busy. But it takes five seconds to say okay 1pm. or I'm busy, remind me. Set a freaking template. In the workplace it's ridiculously unprofessional. ESPECIALLY INTERDEPARTMENTAL. Don't make me start that petition to have a rule where we tell your boss if you haven't responded in 24 hours. And in your personal life, it's disrespectful. Plus it removes all right you have to whine about people not staying in touch with you.
  2. Be on time! If you know you're always going to get into the meeting at 1045 not 1030 THEN WAKE UP FIFTEEN MINUTES EARLIER! If you know it takes you 20 minutes in no traffic if you get an auto the second you walk out the door, then LEAVE THIRTY MINUTES BEFORE YOU HAVE TO BE THERE!
  3. If you are late, DON'T LIE! BBot used to do this all the time and it drove me MAD! 'I'm just leaving baby', which meant he was in his boxers smoking the second last cigarette before he showered. It's SO disrespectful! You're a paploo whose time has no value so yeah I'll string you along. GRRRRRRR. 
  4. Return calls! Especially if you are in a relationship with someone, call them a dear friend, they gave birth to you or supported you emotionally/financially for no reason other than that they are related to you or you live with someone. Again. IT TAKES FIVE SECONDS! If you're so stressed out by being accessible to people then DON'T HAVE A CELL PHONE! Tell people to email you/call a landline/use smoke signals. But if you have a cell phone then CALL PEOPLE BACK.
  5. Soak your dishes! Heck I'll settle for pick them up and stick em in the sink. You can always tell people who have had to do a lot of dishes in their life, because they ALWAYS put thei dishes away in the sink, scraped AND rinsed. 
  6. BOYS! Yeah this one I don't even need to explain do I? Heh. Seriously though, WHAT is it with boys who call every weekend and call you dear friend and best friend and worry about what you think about the people in their lives and ask for advice and help and take the time and love you gladly give, ask you to make plans with them, but then the second they start seeing someone, KABOOM! Gone!


  1. Hehehe, my my, we should just start a club of ranting aunties, eat some cupcakes slathered with chocolate ganache, have lots of super strong coffee and then proceed to feel very happy. I think that would work excellently for us.
    #1,2,3,4 -- ditto!
    but OMG #5, it took me SO effing long to get the husband to do this. It has a lot to do with having to do/being taught these tiny things while growing up. The husband was essentially a brat, with someone picking his plate up for him, so he didn't even KNOW why I needed plates to be scraped and soaked..I had to enlighten him about the fact that it was not just some keeda I had, but in fact a requisite of having clean plates. Gah!
    And I think #6 ranting has been done on email.

    1. haha yeah #5 is impossible, especially with people who're used to being picked up after, which i most certainly was not. the Dragon was HELL.
      and hee yes on your blog... ;)
      im all for cupcakes but not coffee ya. maybe wine.

    2. Dude cocoa and caffeine. Nothing makes me bounce off the walls more. Wine is good. But a sleepy sombre good..

    3. i think i need the anti-bounce. i need centre and zen and calm.