Sunday, January 17, 2010

Unnerving question

"So, are you in love?" asked the sweet little Brazilian boy.

The boy was surfing our couch, and I had just muttered something about BBot, who was not there. The question took me aback. I stuttered and said I know I love him, but I hadn't really thought about it that way. Which led to the other disturbing question, "Are you happy?" More on that another time.

Once I began to think of it, I began to wonder: what does it mean to be "in love"? Can't stay away from each other? Call and text all the time? Can't keep hands off each other? Never fight? Physically joined together at all times? Nauseate everyone around you? Fight, but can't bear to not make up immediately? Have huge disagreements, of a fundamental nature, and cry and shout and snarl and positively dislike the other person, but be incapable of conceiving being apart or giving them up or finding someone else?


  1. Well, being a love junkie I have to say that every time you're 'in-love' with someone, it means different things.

    Its a creature with many heads you see. And it grows a new one and all that.

    But you should just KNOW. In your ummm, deep place. Whether its love or not.

  2. Agree with The Dragon. Also, when you do things for the other person that you wouldn't do for most other people, including yourself. I realised this in retrospect after claiming NOT to be in love with someone who I dated for over a year.