Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Writer's block

I have four, yes four posts in the drafts that I really want to write, but I simply can't.

I have a HUGE boil of emotion that needs catharsis and I don't think the block will go till the boil does.

On the way home today, I found the perfect way to begin to drain that boil. And then I forgot it. So if anyone's left, and anyone wants to hear more, hang around a bit I'll be back. Just need to wait for the scalpel to come back.


  1. Writer's block can be a bitch, no? Try finishing the crappiest/least important post first and publishing it. They are less draining to write, so you'll at least get the flow going. And once you read the published post you'll probably tell yourself that you can do better than that and so move on to the next post. And so on.
    I'm hoping the above logic works for me, at the very least.

  2. sailing the same boat. well, in good news, atleast the photos have finally been d/led. *sigh*

  3. Been there quite a bit recently. Just let it out!

  4. JC: yes it can be a bitch. it's more because i needed to catharsize something, which i have now done so yay. be afraid y'all be very afraid.

    dragonfly: still aint SEEN no photos. *snap*

    Namaste: yeah that's exactly what i did. very helpful. =)