Friday, June 19, 2009


Clearly I should re-read old blogs more. It has certainly help ease the writer's block. One thing I started doing back in 2005 was write a series of posts called thirteen. It was a list of thirteen posts which were lists of thirteen somethings.

1. things i hate about me
2. things that scare me
3. things i love about my life right now
4. things i love about driving
5. things i love about India
6. songs that i have no defences against
7. reasons why food rules
8. things that make me purr
9. reasons why im a cat
10. books that ill never forget
11. people who changed me
12. things noone knows about me
13. things i will do before im 30

I did some of them, and re-reading them I realised how much I've changed about certain things and how little I've changed about others! (Punctuation!) So here's a modified thirteen series. Which will appear in no particular order. Heh.
  1. Things that scare me
  2. Reasons why I'm a cat
  3. Books I will never forget
  4. People who have changed me
  5. Things I've done I never thought I would
  6. Reasons why food rules
  7. Things I love about my life right now
  8. Things that make me purr
  9. Songs I have no defences against
  10. Things I might concede are less than perfect about me ;)
  11. Things I love about India
  12. Things I love about New York
  13. Things that have never happened to me, but I wish would

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