Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In which I acquire Career

People who have known the kitteh for a long time, or even have been reading the blog for a long time, will know that I really don't get career. I never have. Half the problems with my life stem from the fact that I'm not inspired enough by anything work-like (academic or employment) to make me take it seriously, devote all my time to it and allow it to use up all the brainspace I own. OOF used to have a theory that my "planet-sized brain" needed something to occupy itself, which is why I spent all my time analyzing myself and everything everyone did or said. Spot on he was, too.

I always swore that the only career I anted was a family--and that society was cruel because it didn't allow me to express that or reach for it without judging me for "wasting my talents", etc. I bemoaned that fact that I was drifting and couldn't find focus; and that the only thing I wanted to do with my life, I had no control over, because you can't force love. (Though, as you know, I tried ;) I was doomed to float about unfulfilled and uninspired. sob.

Then, a month ago, when I began to understand my new role, I suddenly found myself thinking about work when not at work. Huh. I found myself *not* obsessing about boys! (GASP!) Then I got promoted, and the new work began. The transition was insanely busy, because I had seventeen projects to hand over in one week. I didn't have time to breathe. Now they're all handed over, and my workload has lessened dramatically, but I am still thinking about work outside work. I find myself constantly thinking of ideas to apply in the office, people to talk to, and wanting to read literary non-fiction!

Most importantly, I don't really care about the boys that much anymore. I have met one more interesting chap, whom we shall call Chocolate Boy, but really, I have stuff to think about--can't waste every minute interpreting everything he says or does! It's most liberating.

The disturbing realization I had yesterday, however, was that apparently I have been so obsessive about boys over the past six months that all my friends interpret every statement I make in the context of a boy. Telling Scoo how I gotta read more litfic, I said I have to push. Chocolate Boy? she asked me, leading to me moaning and saying nooooooooo myself! to read litfic!

But I guess I can't blame people for taking my years of protestations seriously!

P.S. Any literary fiction recommendations? Published after 1990, not too depressing, not Young Adult? Am thinking of doing a series of reviews/responses to the litifc I read. And ahem also finish the Mahabharata.


  1. Not lit-fic exactly but recommendations nevertheless.

    The Novel, James A. Michener.
    Envy, Sandra Brown
    The Other Side of the Story, Marian Keyes
    My Hero, Tom Holt

    And do put up a list of/reviews of what you end up reading, won't you?

  2. oo ooo ooooo tom holt! i love him =) Sandra Brown? the same one who wrote cowboy soft porn romance novels?

  3. I KNEW you were a girl after my heart! Join me at the altar of the God Tom Holt :D

    I don't know about the cowboy soft porn romance, but the one I refer to does like to introduce gratuitous sex scenes. I thought her plots and the pace were pretty good ... just ignore the sex bit and you should have a fairly enjoyable read on your hands.

    P.S: Which Holts have you read?! I am DYING to know now :D

  4. Lets see, recommendations.

    Contemporary stuff
    Anything by Mailie Meloy, mostly short stories. I think she does YA too.
    Disgrace- Coetzee
    William Trevor's collections.
    zaz all I got for now.

  5. DD, I've read many but I don't rem all their names. My Hero, of course, wait lemme check Wiki.
    Flying Dutch
    Here Comes the Sun
    Possibly Ye Gods...

    Tell me you love terry pratchett too? =D

    HG, thanks! I have read Disgrace, back in college with the enthu of first year...but. I don't think I liked it much, cos I've never read him again and I don't remember it. Will try the others though!