Saturday, June 18, 2011

Keeps me awake at night

Today, while watching The Proposal (oh hush, it's hilarious, and Ryan Reynolds is SO HOT), it struck me. I finally realised why I'm so scared of being alone.

Nona, my grandmother, was diagnosed with breast cancer recently. She's 87, and has had a long and happy life, besides being chronically asthmatic, so the drama was minimal. She had surgery this morning. She's fine.

But what if she wasn't? Today, the Dragon is here; who will be here tomorrow? Amma? What if Amma is sick? Who is going to help me be strong when my world comes crashing down, if that person is always a parent?


  1. Even if you get married, you cannot depend on that one person. So you'll always need to have a gang of people. And sometimes there will be noone... and that's ok too.

  2. definitely. but it's still terrifying. and, as i recently learned, sometimes every friend in the world has something pressing to do =)

  3. What The Bride said. I've always thought that the idea of someone being there to complete you or to hold you up in those terrible times is a little ... oversold. You can't really expect someone to come by and complete you like a jigsaw puzzle that's got one piece missing. It's too much pressure, and at the end of it all, people are fallible. Every single one of them.

    I don't mean to be all dark and gloomy here but I do think that it helps to be practical about these things. That's my practicality up there.

    *Hug* you'll be alright ... you'll see :)

  4. well no one said anything about completing! it's just someone who can take over while you take a break. and maybe im just a strange person but to me it's very important that sometimes i can curl up and give up and somebody will tell me it's all going to be okay. like i said, it can be a friend a parent a sibling, but the general advantage in it being a sigoth is that they are usually physically present nearby and very few things can take higher priority.