Monday, August 08, 2011


Since it's happening next year, and I'm planning great Plans for it, I thought I should make a bucket list. I have done a post along these lines in the past, but this here is the real deal, standing solo and not in comparison to something I wanted at oh twenty-two. (Aw geez was I *ever* that young ;))
  1. Learn to scuba dive
  2. Take photos underwater
  3. Become fluent in one of the following: Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, German or Russian
  4. Take a cruise (monetary circumstances being what they be, methinks this won't happen till thirty-five. But one can hope.)
  5. Bake foccacia and pita bread
  6. Take a road trip. Anywhere. Any length. But you know, a road trip. This might end up being part of the birthday plans, a la Zindagi Milegei Na Dobara (or is it the other way round and this from the Rock On song?)
  7. Settle down. Stop twitching frantically at everything in sight. Seriously, calm the fuck down.

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