Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So much for posting regularly!

It *was* a long weekend. And a very social week. Followed by a vilely PMSey Tuesday. Anyway, the Bride has post up about bag so I am following.

I have this lovely orange sling bag that I bought, funnily enough. while visiting the Bride in HK. It's now three and a half years old. The main zip has been replaced. Last week, two more zips died. I gave up and started using another one. It breaks my heart, because I LOVE that bag. It has exactly the right pocket ratio; it slings across my giant expanse; it's seemingly bottomless and yet quite compact; it's waterproof!!! And, did I mention, it's orange??

Anyway, the replacement is boring black faux leather, but more capacious. Visibly so. It's one of those armpit bags that nestles in your armpit and this immobilizes one shoulder.

In it at the mo:
  1. Book. Eight Keys by Suzanne LaFleur. Young adult fiction--nice so far.
  2. Bag hook in its case. (This is a lovely thing that only works if you have a non-sling bag, or at least one that can be made to have a short strap. you put one end of this u-shaped object on a tabletop, and the other hangs below as a hook for your bag! First seen with Spanish Friend, and then late given as birthday present by Scoo's friend.)
  3. Wallet. Red, faux leather, and large. What's in it we shall leave for another post.
  4. Bottle of Moroccan Rose spray.
  5. Sunglasses in their red chinese silk case, acquired on same trip as orange bag.
  6. Case for non-sun glasses--black chinese silk.
  7. iPod
  8. Earphones (okay, technically they're currently spewing Dave Brubeck into my ears off Grooveshark.)
  9. Purple pen, blue gel pen and blue ballpoint pen
  10. Nailfile
  11. Nailcutter
  12. Keys to house
  13. Keys to office things (appropriately on keychain with wooden penguin on it).
  14. Assorted clips of various types and sizes.
  15. Comb (which I use once ever six months or so. Yeah, sue me.)
  16. Dupatta--to keep hair from turning to Puttaparthi Sai Baba and allergies from closing nasal passages. Occasionally to shelter the ladies from the penetrating stares of Delhi's male population.
  17. Pills
  18. Tiny LED torch
  19. Kajal, eyeliner, lipstick, lip pencil, lip balm (I only ever use the lip balm and the kajal. Still, just in case...)
  20. Fan. (Batik and bamboo, from Bali. Saves my LIFE on a regular basis. People start out laughing at me, but an hour later they're begging to sit next to me or to borrow it.)
  21. Cellphone charger.
  22. Empty lunch box.
If I'd done this yesterday, I'd have had my dancing shoes on that list!

Missing today:
Mosquito repellent. Lotion. Hand mirror. Pen drives. Lacto-calamine lotion.

This bag just doesn't have enough pockets! It's so annoying--I miss knowing exactly where to put my hand to find something.

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