Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life experiment

After I decided to break up with BBot, for complicated reasons, of course, I decided I need to be proactive about this whole wanting to get married and have kids thing. I called in the big guns, the village tom toms as it were - my parents. Only they are clueless at this whole arranged/introduced marriage thing, so we decided it was time for me to get ona a matrimonial website. Yes, really.

Now I did this once before, while in the US, and it was quite the fail. For one thing, not a single person I would conceivably date ever noticed me or responded to me. I really wonder what people are thinking when they try to date someone who is so wildly different from them, and it is patently obvious. I agree that I'm a sob about expression and articulation, reading, and a certain level of awareness of the world. But even making allowances for that, there were people who barely spoke English, had no education and worked as technicians on oil rigs in Muscat who would approach me. How could they possibly think that this would work? So I went off it.

Now, three years, or more, later, I'm back on it. This time, Amma, Appa and Scoo were all consulted, with Appa giving me inputs on my profile and whatnot, and the whole operation has begun. I figured I could try and write about it. Then I realized that a blog quite so public might not be the best idea. Granted, not many people read it but it can be found quite easily. So those posts are going up on a password protected blog, email me if you’d like to read.

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