Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Strange Meetings

Who woulda ever thought that this day would come again? This day being the one where I'm spending a lot of very happy hangout time with a once-old-friend-who-i-wasn't-talking-to-for-a-long-time.

Heh. I really need to do something about this whole abbreviation thing. Speaking of which, shouldn't abbreviate be briefer?

Now, regulars might remember that MinCat's favourite pastime is bellyaching. One of the recent gripes has been the fact that she knows no one here anymore! She was mortified when, at a play with OOFWIWTTFALT [that sounds a bit like German, no?] HE knew tons of people there, after his one year here, and she didn't know a soul. Cept when she ran into someone from school she had no idea was back.

Another popular bellyache is how MinCat only knows women, how on EARTH is she to stop being single (and bellyaching about it) if she never meets men!

Well last night, at most recent favourite haunt, with OOFWIWTTFALT [ok ok lets abbreviate the abbreviation, OOF] she ran into not one, nor two, nor three but FOUR people she knows, ALL of whom were boys. Imagine this:

MinCat: whine whine I don't know anyone in this damn city curse swear whinge - hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! how ARE you???? *giant hug* come and sit down and talk to me now now now!



  1. naaansense you. better, better, better i say! :)

  2. yes, us oofs have a habit of being like that... and i'm loving getting comic-strip material from all of this =)
    awww good to know you're FINALLY having a good time here. just read the post... once i started using google-reader that is!