Friday, June 20, 2008

Delivered as promised

Yesterday in the evening, I was going nuts. Seriously. It's been 6 months since I graduated and almost a year since I started jobhunting in earnest, and I'm still unemployed. Well yes I teach part-time. But I'm still denied the independence I've been used to, and sometimes it drives me nuts. So when OOF said, hey, want to meet in Favourite Haunt in an hour I gave him a "yes please!"

We arrive there well ahead of our usual arrival time and have the entire place to ourselves. As we await the Karaoke DJ another friend V texts to say want a drink? I tell him we're at FH and he turns up with Gerard, the Irish Guy.

Now GIG first came up in conversation last weekend, when V was holding forth about the fun people he's met. There's this crazy Irish guy he says, he's become a good friend and we go drinking a lot. OOF and I nod politely and the conversation goes on. The rest of that very long evening is very hazy *ahem* but I remember many mentions of GIG. Dunno why. So naturally I blurted out, oh YOU'RE the IRISH GUY! and got a startled look for my pains. I then proceeded to indulge in more spinal reflex speech and tell the White Elephant story (which is a plan to recruit all the white people in the city and then rent them out to give parties hat extra je ne sais quoi.) Then OOF proceeded to show off his cartoon strip, and GIG gamely looked at a couple before giving up.

However, much beer and singing and animated discussion of bands and concerts later, we're all getting along fine. And then GIG is staring at the screen where the lyrics are projected and I ask him if he's taking notes for his anthropological monograph on the behaviour of drunk Indians in karaoke bars. He said no, he was going to write it up in his blog. Naturally MinCat goes oooh my you have a blog! what is it?? To which he says, I started it this morning. Pooh-poohing such wannabe-ness, I proceeded to rattle off all the blogs I've ever had. He then fixed me with his serious Irish look and said, you're gonna be in it you know. How could I not respond in kind! I promised him a whole post, even if it were only one line, and he pleaded for two. Well GIG you got more than you bargained for!

In other news, OOF and I wandered down memory lane last night, and he made me count my clos friends, Jesus. Aitch. Christ.

Thank you, universe :) I'm the luckiest lil kitty in all time.

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