Wednesday, June 04, 2008

iPod Musings

iPodito has been with me only over two years, a fact I can't quite wrap my head around. I do so love him everso much, but man who knew iPods could complicate life so much, something that was brought home to me forcefully last week when our i Pod friendly car was in the shop and I had to revert to CDs. *gasp*

To start with, I'm suddenly all OCD about how files must be named, and it drives me crazy that theres no way to crosslist a song by more than one artist! It also took me about a year to finally get all the files named the Right way in the computer, only to discover I hafta do it all over again in iTunes!

Then, and this is exacerbated by the CD event, my playlists are too long. As in, the favourite songs playlist is something like 1000 songs long! How on earth am I ever to get to the song I like or am in the mood for?? So then I need to make all these different playlists, but even then they're like at least 50 songs long, and then I have to scroll and remember what's on which playlist. A corollary: I spend all my time hunting for particular songs!

While it is lovely to have 30GB of music to carry about on my peson, I have also found that I never end up actually listening to all the music, because leaving it on random play can result in some STRANGE songs popping up when leat expected, and not leaving it on random play means I ever listen to songs not in a playlist.

And then, if someone else is doing the DJ honours, they inevitably run out the battery by scrolling through all the music and picking single songs, since they can't have already created a playlist they like, or they are clueless about my iPod and can't find me the songs I want!

But, at the end of the day, it's brilliant to never have to worry about changing CDs on a long drive....or any other time the music runs out.


  1. and i was JUST considering a rehaul of my lil one.
    been mulling over it, but its such a gigantonormous task.


  2. i've become dependent on my ipod too. and now i just bought a cell phone that plays songs--the fact that i might have a back-up in case i forget my ipod and the radio starts driving me crazy! do you have a car charger for yours? if not, i highly recommend it!

    finally catching up on long overdue blog-reading... :)