Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Raving Nymphomaniac?

You know how it is sometimes when the *perfect* man appears? I mean this in a most superficial manner of course, since once you get to know anyone they can no longer be perfect. So, obviously, I mean someone you meet briefly - I say less then 10 minutes of conversation. Course it usually takes them about three words to turn me off. What can I say, I'm picky.

Anyhoo, the source of the pontification is the fact that, even though I did make a list enumerating the characteristics of the elusive *one*, many many years ago, the shock of the nooooooooooooo-don't-get-out-of-the-subway-until-I-give-you-my-number reaction was how spontaneous it was and how he really wasn't my "type".

So MinCat is riding the train downtown, the lord knows where to, with BikerBoy, a visiting friend who is holding forth about something. Midsentence in walks man under discussion. Very tall (why is it that when a guy has to duck to get into the subway it gives me butterflies?) - that one was expected. He was also white, very white (bringing to mind the vague corpse-like tone to BSW's skin, *shudder*), not lanky at all. Just a layer of pudge, you know? And on someone that big..... *sigh*

In all the times I've pictured the guy I'd pick out of a catalogue, he's always had cropped hair, probably straight, though it's so short I probably can't tell. This one had curly brown hair, that lovely shining chocolate colour, and it wasn't long, but it wasn't cropped close to his head either. I have no idea what colour his eyes were, because he was too tall for me to get a look, cos I was sitting down.

He kinda looked like Elijah Wood meets John Mayer, which is soooooooooooooo not my type! I suppose what amazes me is just that shock of recognition I had, THIS is the perfect guy. With THAT hair. And THOSE jeans. And THAT asymmetrical jaw. He was reading a book too. I made sheep's eyes at him for about ten minutes and then he got out at Times Square. I almost leapt out of the train waving my phone number on a paper napkin.

Anyway, I think the reason I started this post, apart from wanting to relive the gorgeousness of him tee hee hee, was because it struck me that that same day, I saw another guy, classically GORGEOUS, and I'm talking objective perfection here. And while I thought he was so good-looking, I had no wish ALL to stare at him or smile or make eye-contact. And I certainly had no impulse to throw my phone number at him!

Why is this? Maybe it's because I don't trust beautiful men. I feel the clichés about them are often true; that if a guy knows he's hot, if he knows he's gorgeous the other sides of his personality don't develop. He won't have a sense of humour and he will have a sense of his own superiority. And everyone knows MinCat is the superior one ;) It's the interesting ones that get me. It might have something to do with my recent discovery that all the sexual attraction in the world will not make up for a lack of intellectual turning on. I cannot in all honesty think of a single good-looking male I know who isn't just a little bit of a pompous prick. This includes the ones I'm related to and the intelligent ones. Of course when I say good-looking I mean people who are outstandingly yummy, you just can't not call them good-looking.

I think sometimes that in a fantasy world I'd love to be with some drool-inducing hunk, but in real life maybe I'd rather be with a non-extreme person who induces extreme feelings in me.
Is it just me?


  1. hmmm. its funny about attraction, i never noticed someone as acute one until i was with him y'know.
    asymmetric jaws are gooooood :)

  2. I'm so proud that no-one has ever described me as outstandingly yummy.

  3. Whatchoo gonna do if u see him again? ;)

    (And I'm with veo on the asymmetric jaws... goooooood indeed! :D )

  4. Oh, and will you be fit to resume playing for us on Saturday? I'm relying on you.

  5. Ravito, thank you

    veo, well i agree often it really builds up or dissipates once you know someone. if i look back at the men ive been besotted with... lol. i guess after a point i don't even remember what they look like!

    dave, well good for you! and yes. i'm there. lucky you i'm on vacation now! woo.

    N, i sure as hell hope i will, and i SWEAR ill give him my number. lol. if it *is* fate..... :D

  6. Huzzah!!!

    You'll have to visit my place today to see what that means.

    Well done you!!!

  7. sorry, late on this post 'cause i've just now discovered your blog, thanks to your visit.

    (And hi veo!)

    I think the most attractive sorts are the kind who are just a bit quirky looking in a way that I can appreciate, especially if they have no idea of their own attractiveness. (I'm afraid I bat for the other team, but I this applies to both genders). People who know they're drool-inducing often can't help being affected by it, even if they pretend to be oh-so-casual about their looks.

    Great blog, hope to be back before too long.

  8. mild-mannered man-on-the-street uses distinction, intelligence and humor to turn into must-have-hunk? I think all women go for that!