Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ain't it Funny?

That when you tell yourself you want something, and you get it, you realise you want what you said you didn't want all along?
Or when you tell yourself you don't really have any specifics, you just want things to move in a certain direction, you find out you *do* want specifics, and that they aren't what you expected at all?
Or when you you have it all figured out the universe will tease you by giving it to you in bits and pieces, so that you get parts of what you want mixed with what you don't want?

Or maybe it takes getting something one claims one wants, to make one drop one's Political Correctness and admit, albeit even if only to oneself in the Saferoom, what one really, truly wants.


  1. ah.
    political correctness is for losers.

    pat pat.

  2. innit just dave?

    thunku gaikutti... :)

    veo, i know, but its always a bit unsettling to be made aware of one's own hypocrisy and one's own prejudice. hopefully i can remain open to altering that prejudice!