Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Perils of Unknown Bathrooms or Be Careful in Someone Else's Loo

After the delights of first snowfall in Hartford, CT, last night, [first snowfall for MinCat not Hartford] MinCat woke early, 730am in fact, and watched it snow for an hour. To make up for this she spent the rest of the day upside down in a GINORMOUS chair watching sitcoms. This resulted in it being almost-time-to-leave and MinCat failing to fit the definition squeaky clean. Undaunted she set out to shower in the Bathroom of the House of the Daughter of the Friend of the Mother of MinCat, litte knowing how eventful and life-threatening it was going to be.

The shower in the Flat is of the kind that one enters from the bottom, i.e. the end without the showerhead. The shower in the Bathroom of the House of the Daughter of the Friend of the Mother of MinCat, however, isdesigned slightly differently. The pot is right next to the bottom, and the plastic shelf is at that end too. Gamely inserting one foot MinCat shifts her weight only to go flying down the length of the tub, taking most of the shelf with her. Result, long bruise and painful scratch on arm.

Picking herself up MinCat proceeds to air some of her choice multilingual vocabulary and wearily approach the shower itself. Naturally, it works differently too, resulting in the inadvertent application of icy water. Shaking, she turns it off and resets the handle, only to realise that the knob that turns the shower off does not, unlike the one in the Flat, automatically drop down when the water is turned off.

Brokenly she finishes.


  1. bwahahahahaha

    Mincat and her misadventures!

    Maybe some sneaky persons of the testicularly gifted class conspired to teach you a lesson for all your nasty comments on their cleanliness habits!

  2. *sniffle* thanks kanna

    oh pfffft mish, just cos YOURS is better trained than most... ;)