Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Concept of Clean

Sometimes I wonder if boys understand the Concept of Clean. Often they seem unable to recognise it, or the lack thereof. Perhaps I'm being unfair. Surely there exist Those-With-Penises who are aware of the existence of the concept. But I wonder, do they have any idea *how* it comes about? Or do they believe that the Blind Io will cause it to come to pass when they look thoughtfully at the stove? What of the little-known theory of Wipe the Stove When You're Done, or its corollary, Clean the Sink After you Do the Dishes? Don't they teach them at that special school where the Testicularly-Gifted go to learn to be mean to me?


  1. i can loan you one :) you will have to pay postage of course. :) he would even double as a cook. now, you can put your feet up :)
    *huuuuuuuuuuuuuug* sorry bout not texting. i tried miss calling back. balance was short as always. i have some weirdass pain left of stomach. reminded me of old hospital trips :) so off to bed early. tom maybe? ummmmmmmmma.

  2. MRAONW!!!
    Youre in a good mood!
    Though I must agree, the testicularly gifted do tend to have serious hygene issues.

  3. You will not be surprised to learn that my kitchen is spotless.

  4. lol yes i suppose the exceptions prove the rule gai...anyway you can keep him. aiiyoo be careful with that bloody pain eh

    mish! typos!! lol...yes they do.

    hiya dave...what are you known as now?