Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Weverb12 # 18 soak [LISTEN]:

What have you soaked in this year? (Baths, sun, ideas?) How did it affect your mentality?

Well, if I could just twist the meaning of soak a bit, I'd have to say I have soaked--marinated even--in whiskey this year. It has affected me by making me even less likely to get drunk, and often making me (and other people) worry I might be turning into an alcoholic.

I have soaked in some ideas--YA writing for work, sex and relationships (which seems to have become like a hobby), friendship and family--but I can't say anything really stands out. I did also soak in a bath during our sales conference, in the very large, very posh, very gorgeous bathroom of the equally large, posh and gorgeous room I ended up having to myself. That was rather divine. I also fell in love with the rain shower they had...

To me the idea of soaking n something implies a degree of peace and the space to let go and not be tense, which is something I haven't felt much this year, so it's hard for me to really come up with anything concrete.

I'm thinking that this is turning into a series of sad little wines about my life, so starting now, I am going to pick the prompts I have something to say about, and try and remember the good in 2012.

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