Friday, April 08, 2011

Reveal ten impossible things after dinner

And, if you're in India, believe em before breakfast!

I've started dabbling in okc again, which is great, cos i'd forgotten how much fun it is. Somewhere along the way I began to play my usual, come on then tell me ten random things about you. In the process, here are twelve random things about me.

  1. I cook by nose! I can test salt by my nose! 
  2. Nature is wonderful. This is why I like wildlife holidays, theres something so serene and wonderful about lying in the middle of the forest at 2pm, listening to the wind the grass and the leaves, and knowing you absolutely have to do nothing at all. Ah kanha how I love you
  3. I love all sorts of music, I only object to it if its too loud or jars too much so yeah that means no hard rock concerts.
  4. I am a grammar nazi. I have an outer stickler bad spelling and grammar make me physically twitch. Though I do make typos a lot heh.
  5. I love writing in theory, somehow I never get around to it. You guys know this! I'm not sure I'm very good but people tell me I am so I can't be bad =) I hope. 
  6. I think life was lovely when I was a child but I also think it was quite terrifying in ways that I have forgotten as I grew to adulthood. I think I even wrote a post about it at some point! 
  7. I am turning thirty in a year and a half and I'm psyched about it! My twenties have not and lets not even start with my teens. I'm quite happy to get on with life and FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! 
  8. I am always in a hurry to find out what happens next, so I'm sometimes amazed I manage to finish books at all heh. my grandma cheats and reads the end first. I have been tempted. 
  9. There is some innate obsession I have with order and chronology in me that won't let me jump to the end of the book. Funnily enough, I LOVE achronological stories!
  10. I'm okay with myself...I love the person I am...but my self image would be better if I were thinner. Though I suppose I could move to latin america where they appreciate my ass.
  11. I love letters. writing and receiving them, though in this day and age I settle for lonnng emails.
  12. I love india but I'm not sure I'd want to live here always. Which is the exact opposite of many people I know. Heck, most people I know.

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