Friday, July 02, 2010

Yes abandonment has happened

Or, as we'd say in my family, the blog has been ABONDENED.* But The Bride has shaken me out my stupor to put up this list.

First off, in terms of the larger aspects of stereotyping and questioning it, and speaking for a gender etc goes, The Bride and Broom have said it all for me, and I' too lazy to rearticulate what has already been done so well, so go read my disclaimers on their blogs before you ruffle any feathers.

My manly traits:

  1. Loud slapping laugh and filthy disgusting mind. Always making dirty jokes and sniggering at double entendres.
  2. I burp, I fart: I have bodily processes and I'm proud of it.
  3. Always carry my own stuff - luggage, shopping, whatever.
  4. Open doors for girls; put my arm along the back of the seat; drop them at their doors when it's late; generally look out for them.
  5. I can drink. A lot. I have yet to meet the man who can out drink me. 
  6. *If* I carry a child and give birth to it, I want it to have my surname - much along the lines of The Bride. But, since I plan to adopt it shouldn't be an issue.
  7. I swear like a truck driver. A Haryanvi truck driver. Though often enough it's in Spanish.
  8. I'm very loud and er physically expressive. I will smack and punch and shove etc.
  9. I hate shopping. This might have something to do with how difficult it is to find clothes that work for me, but even in Target and Old Navy, I like to come in with a purpose, and get out in 30 minutes or less.
My womanly traits:
  1. I LOVELOVELOVE to cook. Yeah I know, whoda thought it what with the food blog and all.
  2. I LOVELOVELOVE to keep house. Set it up, decorate, tidy, clean, grocery shop, etc.
  3. I LOVE kids. And mostly, they love me. As my father puts it, MinCat holds a strange fascination for those who are below the height of a dining table.
  4. I love romcoms. Seriously, if it's not Bollywood, animated, a romcom or in Spanish, I won't watch it.
  5. I'm very touchy-feely. This is extension of 8 of course, only in this direction it's girly. Hey don't ask me, I don't make the rules!
  6. Porn bores me. Really. It's not gross, or anything more than yawn inducing.
  7. I have always wanted to marry and have kids and run a house. I don't think I am incomplete without it, any more or less than someone who wants to be an astronaut but isn't is incomplete. I have considered running a guest house or bed and breakfast.
  8. I'm terribly social. I get along with everyone and have lovely pointless Stepford conversations.
  9. I'm always mothering people and worrying about them and trying to fix their lives.
  10. I love dressing up. It's just hard to find the right clothes sometimes. hee.

*This is reference to all the dilapidated railway buildings one sees, with the word abandoned stencilled on them. except it was often abondoned. or abondened. 


  1. 4. is so true of you and I think it forms a pair with 9.

  2. smarty. on which list? hehehe but yeah you have deffy been recipient of 4.

  3. 4. on the first list and 9. on the second. I defy have been a recipient of both. :)

  4. My Babycat has posteded!!

    Ooh I love this list. Will do soon.

  5. no 9 no 9 on list 2! :) heh. just like love potion :P heheheh