Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cruising at 30,000 feet

and this is all I do.  An attempt to restart this blog. Bride, you want to send me tons of tags?

It's official. MinCat is a Bollywood whorejunkie. I'm sitting in a plane en route to Dubai and I'm wondering why the FUCK I didn't get around to watching Wake Up Sid while it was in theatres. Granted, I didn't know Konkona was in it, but even her stellar acting aside (oh man, I was just blown away in that scene when she's dripping form the water he's thrown all over her and he hugs her), it's such a fabulous movie. 

Perhaps it my adoration has something to do with it being shortened for a plane; or perhaps something to do with being an aspiring photographer, and being reminded heavily of college in Delhi (boasting alert, where I did work on a play with Konkona who was my senior and a total sweetie); or maybe I was just insanely amused by how immensely obnoxious Rahul Khanna's character is, having met several people who patronise other people for their tastes – whatever the cause I feel like I'm watching a movie tailor-made for me. I laughed. I swore. I giggled. I sniffled. I even cried a bit – though that might have more to do with leaving the beloved niece than the movie itself. Granted, there's no way she could afford that flat or to furnish it without a job; and hahah let's not even approach the seamless ease with which she jobs was found and passed on to him; but I think many people I know could identify with that life. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have never had a movie-watching experience that simple incorporated me into itself so comprehensively. I worry that nothing else will satisfy on this flight now.

Edit: no, nothing did.


  1. Sigh... I tried to make you watch this one... and of course, you fell asleep in the first 10 minutes. I think it is my presence that makes you sleepy. Maybe I should get my skin checked for high levels of Tryptophan. And next time, I'm just gonna recommend the movie, and leave you to watch it on your own schedule. Silly bobo... But more to the point, brilliant, no? And that song "Ik tara" is possibly the first one from a Hindi movie soundtrack that actually gave me goosepimples. Or maybe it was just Konkona...

  2. oh pshhh. do you REALLY want to start the i TOLD YOU SO game? eh eh EH? iktara was nice, and im immune to coco goosepimples hee