Thursday, September 11, 2008


In case you haven't realised it Gentle Reader, MinCat spends a LOT of time online. And if you know her in real life then you also know that theres a 90% chance she is online at any given point of time. Obviously there are people she wants to chat with and people she doesn't. This can sometimes be a problem, but usually a quick, hi, hello, sorry I need to go now suffices to get rid of the people she doesn't want to talk to.

Why not chat invisible, you might ask. Well chatting invisible just feels shady. Though many of her friends have done it and still do it, to MinCat chatting invisible indicates a need to be in control of the relationship to a slightly scary extent. Seriously, I admit passive aggressiveness, or a general reluctance to be not nice to people whom you don't really want to talk to anymore is a good reason to appear offline, but isn't it a little messed up that when people who you DO like talking to want to talk to you they can never know if you're there?

Yes, too much free time, and much too much time online :)


  1. hehe, nice dilemma,
    I have some clients who I don't want to talk to, and some people who are annoying. I simply copy contact change email slightly, and delete original, bingo.
    and when i need to find them, go back edit the change, and theres the green dot, ha!

    I know I am an asshole, but this is necessary when you have more than 171 contacts, :D

  2. hah! only 171? :D gmail is a bit insidious with the automatic adding of people and chat inside gmail. but STILL!