Thursday, August 07, 2008


Hi. If anyone's left.

I have no excuse, only reasons. I was so very stressed out about The Future and suchlike animals that I really didn't want a post a series of whines. And then I landed a job and was whisked off to other cities and now am so busy I can't breathe.

Apparently I am a natural trainer. Seriously. They tossed me into the deep end, and despite big holes in the material I'm doing fine. My trainees haven't noticed my extreme inexperience, and well, maybe just maybe all will be good.

Spending so much time in Singara Sennai I find that I am immensely tickled by a few things. For starters, I just love the fact that half the drivers of people's air conditioned cars, when they emerge for whatever reason, are wearing veshtis! I just LOVE it. And then, there's the cabbie who took me to the client site yesterday, who sadly informed me that all us city people with our insistence on running the airconditioning are ruining his health, since he was raised in a village and can't manage without fresh air. I refrained from asking him if his village was actually situated IN an exhaust pipe, because I can't really see any other way he could call this fresh air.

I have also resumed my halting and, frankly, backward attempts to read Tamizh, as a source of amusement for those who travel with me. Then there was this other cabbie who wrote out my receipt in Tamizh, citing that fact that we are in Tamizh land, and as such shouldn't be required to write in white people's languages. When we're in THEIR lands we can write in English. I solemnly agreed and averred that there is bound to be SOMEONE in my office who can read Tamizh, especially in the expenses section, so we'd be fine.

Alas the sun appears to be out today, blech. And my cab is here, so I'm off! Dreading another day of 8 hours talking non-stop. Sigh. You'd think MinCat of all people would be eminently suitable for THAT job, but apparently it ain't that simple!


  1. As am I, though honestly Mincat you shouldn't deprive us so.