Friday, August 22, 2008

Airports and Suchlike Pandemonium

Now that MinCat has a Job and is an Important Person she gets to fly about at the whims of her employers, who very kindly favour the full-service airlines Thank Darwin. This means I get to disdainfully compare airports, and well can I just say this and have it set in stone?


It seriously rocks. The ultimate comparison will be with Bangalore, if and when it happens, but seriously, we fuckin rock.

Chennai airport has the GROSSEST loos EVER. I thought Delhi was bad, because somehow the ventilation only brings in the smell of stale piss, but Chennai is like the waiting room at a third rate railway station!


  1. hehe, :D I thought only railway station sucked,

    and hey Hyderabad Airport has a Hard Rock Cafe'
    not that I am gonna have anything there, [blames bloody taxes]

  2. hah well you are wrong. hard rock cafe? my my i thought it was only opening in that new mall on road #1 sometime this year?