Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Concentric circles

Chocolate Boy has a theory (that he says he saw in an article) that Delhi works in concentric circles. You hang out with people who live where you live, which is why you're always running nito the same people everywhere, etc, and the only thing that cuts through those circles is the metro.
I'm not convinced.

But, it is a lovely launchpad into a theory I formulated lying in bed at 1130 on a Sunday night, in response to CB's request that I introduce him to more cool people of that quality--referring to an old friend from the Pisspot who had been in town. My response: What can I say, Delhi limits me. All my real friends are of this quality, and they're not here.

And Eureka!

I have about four concentric circles of friends. The smallest and the closest has my family, and those people i don't even have to think about (though this once included the Dragon, so I wonder), the people I can say ANYTHING to, and whose opinions will make me rethink my situation. I have one Circle 1 person in Delhi, but he's been really caught up the past two months, in his own budding relationship and his own family drama.

Then there's Circle 2, which is the people I'd call if I were in trouble, and who I miss if I don't see often enough. This is my band of bewdas and CB and Mad Writer--the last two being very recent additions and slightly shaky, cos I've only known them about six months, and I don't really know if it is a reciprocally secure closeness. But they are there, which is good. They are also the only Circle 2 people I have here.

Circle 3 is people I would call to parties and like to see regularly, but don't really miss if I don't see often. Most of my Delhi friends are in this circle. They're great fun to go out and do something, but they're not people I'd stay home with.

And Circle 4 is people whom I'm happy to see, but don't really notice if I don't see. Which is the rest of my Delhi friends.

So I went from living in a mainly Circle 1 and 2 group to living in a mostly Circle 3 and 4 group, with very minimal representation from Circles 1 and 2. No wonder I'm lonely and desperate and pathetic.

But rejoice! The Hag is moving here. Hallelujah!


  1. Awwwwwwwwwww. *huuuuuuuuuuug* Hag? Plisstotellwhowhat?

  2. thank god for the spelling. hee. from Pisspot! who dated the spanish man. and used to come for sutta chai after class in canteen with me and Bride

  3. Now that I think about it, what you say makes sense! I could totally see my Delhi life in those circles !

  4. is it a delhi thing? CB thinks so, but i think the concentric circles thing is how life functions. i mean tink about it--when it comes to affinity, our willingness to defend also works in concentric circles no?