Monday, December 12, 2011

Bringing sexy back

How cliche a title heh.

So, moving on from all the various things I've written on the subject of body image in general, and mine in particular, the writer of this article has exactly the same beef as I do with the world today. Why does everyone outwardly subscribe to that stupid stupid idea of sexy that is narrowly defined by society?

Mind you, I'm not saying I never do--whether in myself or other people. Yes, I'm often uncomfortable at parties and clubs because I don't think I can begin to compare to all those stick thin, silky-haired drop dead gorgeous women floating about (nearly literally). Yes, I usually expect guys to not find me attractive, though it rarely lasts past five minutes anymore thank god. Yes, my heart skips a beat when I see a tall, lean man who is clean-shaven and wears nice clothes.

But I also never, ever, thought I would be practically incapacitated by my attraction to short guys, fat guys, hairy guys, tattooed guys, long-haired guys or bearded guys. But it still happened, mainly because I was willing to give it a shot. And it worked. Similarly, I am often blown away by the power my body has over a variety of guys--but only those who are willing to admit that the social requirement of a attractiveness in women is not really valid in most cases.

So what is with us? We all know that different things work for different people. We all know that, when it comes down it, you can't really see the other person and they might really have moves that melt your bones. We all know that often a mental or emotional reaction can obliterate or outstrip any physical connection you might have. But we still continue to buy into and feed this whole idea of beauty, male and female, that causes so much misery!


  1. Dang,I hear you! If i see another twenty-something with swishy,rebonded hair in the regulation LBR-stiletto garb, I'll puke.It seems like a cloning machine has been unleashed by some evil sociopath .I remember how Vidya was panned a few years back for her knobby knees.Isn't a woman entitled to chunky knees ? WTH, seriously ?

  2. fuck yeah. and its very bad in delhi. i have it on excellent (er...i should know this word but ti escapes!) authority that chunky knees are teh ossums. my point is, some people like chunky knees, some don't. just cos the first guy you meet doesn't, doesn't mean no one does!