Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life lessons

Funnily enough, I just wrote a post of the same title, on the food blog, in a different vein. However, let us move on to things I have learnt this past week.
  1. Do not share your blog with your boyfriend, no matter HOW much you believe it is for ever or that even if it is not forever, he can be an adult. He can't. He won't.
  2. At the risk of sounding whiny and self-righteous, do not make it a habit to make life easier for other people. Seriously, don't. It will backfire.
  3. Try not to rationalize other people's behaviour to suit your image of who they are to you. Remember to keep it in the back of your head that you've seen them do something you wouldn't want done to you, so that, when it starts happening to you, you can recognize it.
Ta-DA! And we're doe for today. More to follow. Expect invective and vitriol my friends. But possibly also humour and Ideas. Of which I had two in the shower but I can't remember any. Sigh. Maybe #4 should be: Always write things down when they occur to you.


  1. But how can you not share your blog? I mean, it's fine for some time but forever? By that logic, one must never share the blog with close friends either because what if you have a falling out? I actually do avoid sharing with close friends but with boyfriend it's just a bit weird to keep a secret.

  2. oh i agree. thats why i did. maybe shldnt have shared sicrit blog. hee. but gen dont like to bitch someone out when i know they're reading, even if they deserve it! esp if one is attempting to maintain discretion or civilized external behaviour...which is the case with Friend I am hiding from.

    one of the bloggers i read hasnt told his wife about it yet!

  3. I like point 4. Very much. As for sharing, I think it's fine not to if it hinders you from writing what you truly feel like getting out. Whoever it is. I can definitely say I started to feel suffocated at some stage on my (many) blogs knowing that some people, very close to me, were reading. I think it depends on what kind of things are going on with you at the moment.

  4. lol. you and i both. sometimes write down a plan of where a conversation is supposed to head!