Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Snail mail

Recently I received a much abused post card whose ink had mostly been washed off by I hope the monsoon rains. It was from Broom, and was a part of one of her month resolutions to mail a postcard every day.

While cleaning out the endless crannies in my room. I found a huge stack of postcards I bought on various trips, mostly to Europe, in the vain hope that I would gaze upon them fondly when on my couch I lie in vacant or in pensive mood. Hah. Fat chance. Forgot they blooming exist!

So, anyone wants a postcard in the mail? Subjects are:

  1. Flamenco
  2. Spain (Salamanca, Valencia, and random posters of bullfights and flamenco peformances, and two demanding equal rights and the right to smoke in the workplace.)
  3. The Beatles
  4. One funny one about the characteristics of people in the EU
  5. Prints of various Turner, Goya and obscure impressionist paintings
  6. Print of Blake's "Newton"
If you want one, email me with postal address and preference, if any.

P.S. Editing to add something of which Mungi's comment reminded me. My grandmother has always sent us inlands, I have one for almost every week I was in college. She even used to send aerograms to my sister in the oosa. Now she writes em out on bits of paper and resident grandchild emails it. However, she caused no small sensation on the small island of Bar Harbor when the Poo was a recipient of a REAL letter from a REAL person with a REAL intention.


  1. are you kidding me? You so know which one has my name on it. Sended it already! Or hold on till I get my new address ;) Save it for me then. Save it.

    Speaking of which I found a stack of inland letters the other day. *sigh* You in the mood for some wordy snail mail? :)

  2. ah but theres morn one beatle...
    and dude inland and all i dunno but deffy long endless letters are GREAT fun way more so than email.

  3. awww to p.s. I know. inlands remind me so much of my hostel days. and then of course I had lots of onion skin paper to write oodles and oodles and still make sure the letter weighed next to nothing :) Just that you had to make sure the pens you used didn't blot too much. aaah, them days. Also Nona cuddle :)

  4. Me me me! I want the Turner or the Blake. You have my address.

  5. hehe kay bride, you get newton. and heaven knows i know your address now ;)

  6. If there's another Beatle to be had, may I have it? Pretty please? :)

  7. Yes there is, and it's yours. Just email me your address!