Monday, October 26, 2009

In which I am too reliable.

Did anyone ever think they could be TOO reliable? I never did.

I know it drives me crazy when people don't answer their phones, and then don't call back; or make plans and then don't come through and don't let me know, etc. My family is very trust-based and so on, so growing up I've always done what I wanted - as long as I let them know where I was and when I'd be home. Course now I don't live with them, but I usually go by on weekends, and then they need me to sign stuff and so on, so again I always let them know when I'll be there, and let them know if I'm delayed.

I also always answer the phone - or call back soon. My phone is only off when on a place. (Yes, I'm an addict.)

This Sunday, I was due to go home and sign something at 930am. I fell asleep with my phone, on low battery, in another room, and thus missed my alarm, missed their frantic calls, and eventually the phone died. I woke up at noon and promptly called just in time to stop the search parties. The SigOth, who was contacted in a disturbing manner (Appa called his dad's office and got his dad's cellphone number, so SigOth was treated to the joyous event of having his father say, SigOth, MinCat's dad wants to talk to you), also panicked. Neither he nor Appa has the numbers of most of my friends and so began the mad calling to find someone's number. They even called The Roommate in another city!!!

Everyone was relieved, if with slightly shortened lives when I woke up and called and slunk home to marinate in guilt.

So does that mean I'm TOO reliable? Because if people think that only Terrible Things can keep me from keeping appointments and answering my phone, clearly the bar is insanely high.
Or does that mean I wasn't reliable enough, and I should have given Appa all the numbers of all my friends - though in this case it would only have spread the panic.
All in all it was an eventful weekend. For many people.
My poor SigOth. The double whammy heartattack of "he's calling my dad to tell him to keep me away from him innocent lil' daughter" and "MinCat's missing" can't have been nice on a Sunday morning.

I must, however, waggle my hand in the air to point out gently, to SigOth, that he NEVER answers his phone! And every time it happens, I have a mild heart attack, especially when I've called him five times in five hours, and have heard nothing back. So maybe we all just like to panic?

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