Sunday, April 06, 2008


do I read the blogs I read? I'm going to remind myself, just in case I am tempted to empty Google Reader out of terror!

Annie Rhiannon is the Irish photographic goddess who just writes to well I don't know whether to leap up and clap or give up my own blog. She is also famous for being the first and only blonker in the world.

Atanu Dey is a man who writes many of the Earnest posts that clog the starred section of my reader, and who never ceases to amaze me by the amount his writing motivates me to use my brain.

James is, of course, the famous Green Wing screenwriter cum comic genius responsible for the Toy-Fu series.

Broom is the wonderful woman who inspired this rant some time ago, who inspires me with her strength, courage and sense of humour.

Surly Girl, who writeth not much no more, is hilarious, thought provoking and probably one of the reasons I began to blog regularly, in the hope of achieving that ability to find humour in my life.

Dilip D'Souza is a bit of an enigma, I don't know why he's always travelling, and I can't seem to figure him out much, but I do love the things he chooses to write about, and secretly wonder what this fabulously travelly life must be like and how I can get one!

Krishashok is THE single funniest blogger I have ever read, and make me proud to be Tamizh and get most of this jokes. His diagrammatic illustrated style is simply the BESHT!

Erm Dude is an old xanga pal, and I just love to see how his writing has changed over the years.

Lee is, of course, simply Fabulous! I wish I were a gay man so I could try and be him. One of my most memorable moments at work was snorting coffee through my nose at his description of a doctor's visit and the doctor's surprise at the *ahem* ease of access. I wish I had bookmarked it!

Jabberwock is part of my non-fluff reading, though he can also be hilarious at times. He helps me keep up with my culture and Indian things.

Dave is Dave. I started reading him because I wanted to see if life was, indeed, a metaphor for cricket, but now I read him cos I can't not.

Chaucer's Bitch I love firstly for her name! And reading her story has made me smile so many times, it's lovely when good things happen to good people!

, aside from the obvious, draws me precisely because of her plurality; her life, the things she writes of and how she writes them entice me in this very mellow way. It's like Earnest blog meets daily life blog! Perfect!

Johnny B is just enchanting in his writing style, with all these little snippets about Norfolk that make me want to hop into a train and REALLY SEE THE CHICKENS FLY!

La Rebelde
fascinates me because she has this mouthwateringly intersecting context, the research, the latina identity, the other layers to it, the history....

is one of my real life goddesses, and I read her because I have to! Also because she can be SO FUNNY, and she seems to manage the whole life+Serious stuff very well too!

The Chasing Iamb
I read because a little part of me wishes I had the balls to be her.

GSE I read cos she took my name!!! :)

Amit Varma is my wonderful source of tidbits, snippets and news from India; invaluable when I was in phoren and unavoidable now. Even if I do disagree with some of the things he says, I can't help but admire the mind that thinks them.

Veo Claramente
I read because she's so cool! I could have been her if I hadn't decided to leave science. She writes with such clarity, I could probably learn a lot from her.

Gopaldass has me bewitched by his stories, HEAVEN knows where he gets the inspiration! Jealous!

The Matrix Warrior is another Xangan who is the most brilliant young writer I have ever read. If only he still WROTE regularly.

Vaat Laagli is quite the genius writer herself, once again I wish she wrote more!

Vibgyaan is one of me dearest friends, how could I not read? :)

YOnEarthNot is the funniest mommyblog I have ever read! I hope I can pull off that kinda humour when I have kids.


  1. and you ma dear, and you too. ditto ditto :)

  2. what a nice review! gracias. i enjoy your blog a lot too. sorry i don't comment very often--but i am reading! :)

  3. Ah thang you thang you. Mucho honouredo. Goodness Gracias and all that.

  4. dragonfly, *tickle*

    rebelde, ay its not like *I* comment! lurking is fun! :D hee

    krishashok, you are bhelcome. bad puns also appreciated.

    namaste :) glad to be of soivice.

  5. Strangely, I am indeed me. I read you, I think, to see how much (little?) I can understand.

  6. Aw this is a good one - especially for people like me always on the look-out for fresh timepass. Remember when I was asking you about all the blogs you read?

  7. i did it for YOU bride!
    heh...wellll im glad to be of service :)

  8. thanks! for the compliment and for the fresh supply of links.