Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Leaving New York: Gratitude

I am grateful for an IMMENSE number of things! I'm probably going to forget at least half, if not much more than half!

First, and most important! I can never be grateful enough for the changes living here brought to my relationship with my sister. If nothing else had happened, if I had had to live in a hole in Westchester, if I failed and was evicted from the country, if I never made a single friend and spent all my time in a ball under my quilt, I would STILL want to have come here just to ensure this.

Thank you Gran Manzana for all the things Latin American to which you introduced (and addicted) me. Salsa, Tango, platanos, caipirinhias, salsa verde, frijoles negros cubanos, corn tortillas, bachata, merengue, margaritas, Venezuelan rum, Venezuelan chocolate, making people guess where I'm from, arroz con leche, pastel de tres leches, dulce de leche, yuca, Marc Anthony, Julia Alvarez...

I'm delighted that coming here to study sparked my interest in politics and current affairs. I might still refuse to read the paper....but I do know what's going on; I can now have conversations with total strangers because I have all these subjects I can talk about.

I'm grateful for all the wonderful wonderful friends I've made, they don't need to be named.

Thank heavens for all the adventures I've had...in all their variety and excitement!

And, I am immensely grateful that I've managed to redress one of my regrets! I'm going to Mexico for two weeks!


  1. aaaaaaaaaa meeeeexiiiiicooooooooo.
    don't I get anything in return for helping decide on the hostel?.. or.. or.. for.. err.. practicar mi espanol? pwettty pweeeeeeeeeeezz.. bon voyage mi reina, safe travels. ummmmmmma. jubbity jub jub

  2. On a completely unrelated issue, I made patatas bravas (or however its spelt) for lunch today. I added wine. It was awesum!!!