Friday, January 18, 2008


of random things MinCat has noticed/had epiphanies about over the past few days and can't be arsed to post about properly.


So many people in the gym abuse themselves! Seriously! Especially the Gents, or people generally wanting to give the impression of studliness. There is this man who runs on the treadmill. well, what's wrong with that you might ask. What's wrong is that he holds onto the bars and leans his weight backwards while frantically pedalling his legs. Does the same on the elliptical. Bye-bye knees! There's an overweight lady, not as bad as MinCat, but no sylph, who faithfully stomps her way through 40 minutes on the elliptical every day. But she stomps. I can SEE her knees hyperextending forcefully with every step. STOP I want to scream sometimes! STOP and have a care for your future! Of course the coach can't really interrupt and correct things like posture, because these are Important People Who Have Been Exercising For Years, what does the coach know that they don't?


This Growing Up thing isn't half bad. I might even go so far as to say it rocks. This past weekend, MinCat has had occasion to spend considerable amounts of time with an Old Friend's Posse, from high school. Now, in high school, MinCat was about the same size, definitely as smart, and well, a teenager. She also did NOT fit. The Posse in question belonged the grade above MinCat, and though OF was nice to her in that our-parents-know-each-other kinda way, but the Posse terrified her. These confident boys, so sure that they knew everything, that they were right, that they could poke fun at anyone and remain untouched by anyone else. Oooooo the horror. It's not that they said anything that MinCat's family wouldn't have said while pulling her leg, it's not that she was incapable of laughing at herself [welllll ok maybe a little bit]. It's just that they stood for all the confidence and assurance that she, as the person she was, was denied in that high school, or denied herself in that high school, depending on how you look at it. These were the cool boys who could DESTROY whatever confidence she had built up by one mocking look, and she was the smart fat girl who no-one ever wanted to go out with.

Cut to present. MinCat is still fat, she's still smart, the boys are still the Posse, they still make the same jokes, those mocking looks are very much around, and there ain't no line of people asking MinCat out or telling her how amazing she is. But somehow, MinCat grew up and now the jokes are jokes, not personally directed barbs, and she can give back as good as she gets. Which means she can now have fun around the Posse instead of fidget nervously in a corner and go home to cry. [Man I was a drip!] Of course all the confidence in the world can't see her clear to a way to actually GET in the pants on the hot one of the Posse.... *sigh* Maybe someday!


I don't like clubs. No really! In fact I love sitting about home so much it takes a LOT of enthu to get me to actually go out. Actually I'm beginning to think that, despite my deep and lasting adoration of NY, maybe sleepy town in\s the place for me after all. Especially if I manage to acquire Posse of me own....


I had more things but I've forgotten cos I just got an email and had to go read it. Sorry.


  1. Lol... so who is the "hot one" of the Posse?

  2. crap. you're not supposed to be reading this anymore! it's not very hard to guess now is it? :P