Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Under the Greenwood Tree

Who loves to lie with me?

That said. How time flies and all that jazz. Here's a few requests for all y'all my faithful readers.

1. Has anyone noticed the new background? That's the bit behind the white bit. Like two strips on the sides.

2. Stealing idea from Veo I'm going to try set meself goals and all by taking requests. Anyone got a song title they'd like me to turn into a post?

2a. In the same vein, anyone got anything they'd like a special MinCat rant about?

3. Please notice the books I'm reading and loving in the sidebar.


  1. hi ommaya
    my song title suggestion:
    "Don't think twice it's all right"
    Carl Orf under several irritating nectarines

  2. Yes of course I noticed the brilliant background. I even wondered how you'd done it, as perhaps my plain green borders are a little dull.

  3. 1- yes
    2- "set the controls for the heart of the sun"
    3- Leafy type things that you just don't know what to do with when they arrive as part of your organic vegetable box.
    4- noticed
    5- *huuuuuuuuuuuuuub*

  4. o ommayo thank ye for suggestion tis a good one. can use.

    dave, thank you! i like the pictue its pretty innit? its the tress outside my window reflecting the sunset at 8pm sometime in june. amazing theyd turn gold.

    monsoonbread: hmmm inneresting lessee if i can innovate. or can i post a recipe? hee. hub

  5. How about Maxwell's silver hammer? :P