Friday, April 20, 2007


Apologies. Have been obsessing with cooking blog and end-term papers. There are posts in process. And layout will be bettered. Hee hee. I thought mejorado. So anyway. Right now the apple martinis tell me to tell you that I'll be Bach, And you can be Mozart.


  1. *GROANS*

    Awful, just awful that joke was.

    Unless you have a cold...

  2. Loving reading your blog.

    That Dave has pinched your 'My Life' post. Mind you, his looks even worse than yours. I'm not saying anything about mine.

  3. hee no i doesnt have cold mish, its how arnie sez it.

    hiya jane, thank you, im glad people strill read it. sigh. i pinches the life thing too but shhhh dont tell anyone!