Friday, December 08, 2006

I'm here without you baby*

I read three articles, I baked chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies and they are yummy, I laughed in the sunshine, I chased a small fox-like dog down riverside drive for 4 blocks, I figured out the coziest way to study, snuggled up under the fuzzy blue blankie on the loveseat with the sun in my face, I washed the dishes and stacked them, I sorted piles of paper.
And I did it all on my own, without you baby.

I'm here in New York, I live in my warm and sunny apartment, I take long baths in the tub and sway to bossa nova by candlelight. I ride the subway uptown and downtown and tango on the platform.
And I think about you baby, I think about you all the time.

I dance the monkey ballet, I cuddle up under my giant comforter on my red sheets, I open my eyes to the strip of blue sky between the curtains, I lug my groceries up the stairs, I stride through the streets gazing the the skyline.
And I dream about you baby, because you're always on my mind.
I'm here without you baby, but I know that I'll be fine.

A thousand lights that make me older, and still I haven't seen your pretty face

*With apologies to Three Doors Down


  1. copy-write and keep on crooonniinnnggg.. :)

  2. lol
    you mean hire a lawyer and keep crooning? but tisnt a song my love, tis a conversation

  3. lol yes you did your suitcase-ness :)